Words, Words, Words.

When you’re a Mom, routine becomes important. Bedtimes and nap times and mealtimes and play times. It’s nice to know what’s going to happen next in such an unpredictable relationship.

However, at some point, it becomes obvious that routine has taken on a whole new realm.

O hasn’t learned to speak yet. She’s insanely smart and knows as many word’s meanings as she can handle, but doesn’t feel like saying them yet. She nods her head, shakes her head and points. These are her ways of communication.

My ways of communication still consist of words, but when I’m speaking to O, I’ve realized I say the same things all day long.

These are a few phrases that have become so routine in my house that I expect O’s first words to be her full name, which I use every single time she looks at me and tells me with her eyes that she’s about to get into some real trouble.

Which seems like it’s all the time.

o eyes

What’s In Your Mouth? A frequently asked question, typically met by O toddling as fast as she can away from me. Shortly after, I wrestle her to the floor and try to make me putting my finger in her mouth as fun as possible so she doesn’t get mad and swallow that piece of paper out of spite.

Don’t Feed the Dogs Every meal time we go through this. My dogs are tall enough that she barely has to reach down from her high chair to give them cheese or fruit or anything else she decides needs to be shared. I realized recently that O doesn’t feed the dogs just because she knows she’s not supposed to. She truly thinks they’re hungry. I know this because when she does get something into their mouth, she pats them on the head as if to say, “you’re welcome.”

o dog

Nuh-uh This is the quickest noise I can muster when she looks at me with those big eyes to tell me she’s thinking of mischief. Perhaps she wants to flip the dog bowl. Maybe she’s got her eye on the remote. Or, maybe, she wants to climb up the stairs and then throw things off of the landing. (Yes, it’s like living with a little King Kong.)

‘ey! When the “nuh-uh” fails me, I turn into a Bronx gangster and point at her, holding eye contact and say, “ey!” I don’t know why, so don’t ask, but she listens better when I’m a G.

What Do You Want? Also a frequently asked question anytime she whines and points in a direction.

Bottle? When I can’t figure out what she wants.

Hungry? When she says “no” to the bottle.

Potty? When she’s not hungry.

o potty

Night night? When she doesn’t have to go potty.

Not right now. When she finally decides that she wants to see the stray cat that lives in our garage, but we just saw the damn cat.

You’re so cute! Just all the time, every time, all day. She is the most amazingly cute baby on this planet.

I love you. You know, ‘cuz I love my little King Kong.

 o love

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