Update: Doing the Doula Thing.

Update: Doing the Doula Thing.

Hey friends!
It’s been a little while, but I am ready to start writing again! (I recently lost my domain name on account of being super, SUPER broke, but I will get it back eventually.)
A quick update: I’m working at a small, awesome dog shop here in town and it’s been the highlight of my month (except for all of the stuff O does every second of every day.)
I am also in the very beginning stages of becoming a doula! Ever since I learned about natural childbirth, which was a smudge before actually getting pregnant, I’ve always been interested in becoming a doula.
Ironically, I didn’t use a doula, but I felt comfortable enough relying on myself which is probably a good sign this is the path for me.
Most of my posts coming up will most likely be about this process, the crazy retail life, or the usual “this is why being a Mom is awesome and bewildering at the same time” kind of posts.
Since this is an update, let’s talk about baby O. AKA the smartest, most wonderful toddler on the planet. That’s right, TODDLER! Baby girl is now almost 16 months and walking, dancing, pointing to body parts, nodding and shaking her head, figuring out life and everything in between.
She’s smart, hilarious and completely wild.




Thank you all for your continued support and if there are any doulas out there that have some advice or anecdotes or anything else, please do contact me!