What We’ve Learned this Week

Babies grow mentally even faster than they grow physically, if that’s even possible. This week has been a week of exponential growth for O. It’s been a roller coaster of week for me.

Here’s what we’ve learned this week:

Naps are lame

O has always been a very good sleeper. Not only did she learn to sleep through the night at a very young age, she was great at taking long naps throughout the day. My brother would joke that whenever he came over, no matter the time of day, O was sleeping.

Not anymore. Baby girl loves to sleep through the night still, but after a quick morning nap, it’s party-party-all-day. She might, might go down for another half hour before bed, but I don’t count on it. She has a lot to say, people to see and things to do.

The tantrum

When I say tantrum, you might picture crying toddlers, broken glass everywhere and a mother curled up in the fetal position in the corner. We’re not there, yet.

O has learned, however, that getting things she loves taken away from her sucks. When her brain was much newer, all it took was a quick peek-a-boo to grab her attention. Now, she looks at me like I’m the devil, looks back at what she wants and then growls. If the growling doesn’t work, she throws her hands up and down and screams a little.

What I’m trying to say is, we might not be far from “We Need to Talk about Kevin” status. Stay tuned.

Diapers are lame

This week, O has learned to take off her own diaper. Therefore, I have had to keep up and learn to dress the rest of her as quickly as I can to make sure she doesn’t end up commando under her onesie.

The best smile ever

I didn’t know it was remotely possible, but this week O has a new smile that is so cute you could die if you look at it for too long. Her smile was already practically famous, but now O tosses her head back and squints her eyes and shows all eight teeth and it is SSOOO CUTE.



I mean, right?!

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