Moody Mommy Monday!

Today’s Moody Mommy Monday story comes from Brittany, a fellow mommy blogger. She runs the blog The Almost Indian Wife! Read her tale of sleepless nights below and be sure to check out the rest of her blog!

“I have two kids, Liam who is two and Levi who is one. Liam has always been full of energy, loud, spunky, and hilarious. When my husband and I got pregnant with my second son, we assumed he would be easier.
That’s how it works right? Wrong.
Levi started out easy. He cuddled, smiled, seemed so mellow. Then he learned how to walk and talk. He is the silent trouble maker of our house. I’ll leave him in the living room so I can run to the bathroom, only to have the little stink come into the bathroom with toilet paper…. FROM THE OTHER BATHROOM ACROSS THE HOUSE. Oh and of course it is still coming off the roll from the other bathroom. His newest escapade… bed time. Or lack there of. He is protesting. He has decided sleep is below him, he doesn’t need it, nope won’t do it.
It started out with teething, moved into a cold, and now I’m learning the lack of sleep just suits him best. He is perfectly fine sleeping during the day and not at night. He doesn’t care that he is one years old and should be sleeping. Nope.
One day Levi, I will get you back for this. Now I fully understand why grandparents give their grand children candy. It’s not just to spoil the kids. It’s to get their parents back for all the crap they did to their parents.
One day I’ll sleep. Probably not.”


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