Moody Mommy Monday!

Today’s Moody Mommy venting session comes from a local fan of Raising O, Kourtney! I know I can relate to her story, and I’m sure many of you can too.

“At the moment I’m working at the all amazing Walmart until
I have my little Lele. Hopefully after I can go back to working with
kids again because all I can say is adults in the general public are RUDE.
Since being pregnant and working as a cashier at Walmart I have been
yelled at and ridiculed multiple times, for what you may ask? Oh let
me explain.
A man came through my line with his wife one evening and they had a
bunch of groceries and at the end they had a huge heavy 40 something
pound box of cat litter. I scan the box and say “sir I scanned it I
just can’t lift it.” He replies by saying (in a snarky sounding way)
“Oh, well I’m glad you said something because I didn’t know JUST because you
are pregnant you couldn’t lift things.” I replied in a calm manor, “Sir
I can lift things, but things over a certain amount are dangerous.” And
as I finish his wife smacks his arms and says “ugh John! really?!” And
he responds to this by saying “well, I wouldn’t let you lift anything
heavy if your were pregnant but..” And he just walks away. Really?!
I’m glad because I’m JUST the cashier that rang up all your items that I’m
chopped liver. -_- people are so rude it amazes me! Have some common

Amen, girl! Can you relate? Show Kourtney some love in the comments below, and be sure to send me your story to appear on Raising O’s next Moody Mommy Monday!

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