The Fourth Month

They say that a person does the majority of their learning in the first six years of life. This doesn’t mean that you learn calculus or how to pay your taxes during this time, but your mind grows the most and works the hardest. You learn to talk and walk and dance and listen and exponentially more.

This last month, O has done the most learning of her entire short life thus far.

She has teeth! Two of them! She also has feet. I knew she had feet since the beginning, but she just discovered them this month.

She also discovered her voice. She babbles and coos and hums all day long; in her car seat, when she wakes up, when we change her diaper. She always has something to say.

She’s gotten much better at lifting that wrecking ball of a head and she can turn it both right and left.

She wants everything that’s in front of her and grasps at anything in my hands.

Especially if it’s edible. Now that she knows how to chew and swallow, she wants anything that mommy is chewing or swallowing. Including things that are extremely hot.

Therefore, I have done some learning of my own. Now that O can move and roll, things now need barriers and straps. Now that she reaches for everything, everything sharp or hot are out of reach.

However, regardless of the constant fear that she might roll off of the couch or stick something in her mouth that she can’t get out, this has been my favorite month so far.

I am in constant awe of her. She gets more beautiful everyday, she gets smarter by the minute and she teaches me how to be a better person, a better mom constantly.

This post has no rhyme or reason, it’s more like a really long status update. So, consider yourself updated!



MOM, have these been here the whole time?!

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