NappyKind Leg Warmer Review

Not only have our neighbors across the pond been kind enough to give us Tea Time and Ricky Gervais, but now we have NappyKind Boutique!

I ordered some adorable leg warmers from their site a few weeks ago. Their website was extremely easy to navigate and everything was way, way too cute. Warning: everything is priced in pounds and not dollars so remember this: in dollars, the price is basically double.

I bought for O a pair of legwarmers that were on sale and a pair that were too cute for words. Yesterday, she wore them all day.


As you can see from above, not only are these the cutest things since…the last cute thing she wore, they are practical beyond belief. Every time I have to change her diaper, she gives me this sad little shiver whenever her legs hit the cool air of a public bathroom. The leg warmers give me direct access to those three buttons that lead to the motherland. 

NappyKind leg warmers are comfortable, convenient and outrageously cute. But, don’t limit your search to just leg warmers! NappyKind has loads of adorable hats, rompers and shoes that are different than most accessories you’d find over here. 

So, take a gander here and have fun!

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